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Ohhh Errrrr….We’re having a refurb!

Please excuse our website for not looking it’s complete best at the moment but we’re having an exciting new one built for us…right at this very moment in fact!.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown on who we are and what we’re up to, just in case you’re not familiar.

So - hello - we’re The Grand Theatre of Lemmings! For 30 years we have created indoor theatre shows and pioneered street arts not only in England but internationally as well. We like to be busy so have lots of strings to our bow. Not only do we run community events and make hilarious theatre but we also stilt walk around the world too!

Here’s just some of the highlights...

Smallest Theatre

For the last 3 years, we have taken the tiny magical theatre all over the world with our acclaimed production of King Kong, from the Needles you cannot thread (Isle of Wight) to the fresh-fished city of Hamburg.  Oh, and all the way to India too! This year looks to be busy as well, with bookings coming in thick and fast. Please do visit the smallest theatre website for more info. Or take a peek at this short promotional video.

Community Events – Harwich Children’s Carnival

Now in its 10th year, the Harwich Children’s carnival is a much loved and celebrated annual event. With over 1,000 children participating, the parade is always a colourful transformation of the old town of Harwich, where the whole community gets involved and gets outdoors to cheer the parade on. If you’d like to see it in action, please have a look at our facebook carnival page:

Its a Camel!

Stilt Acts

We are an all star stilt-walking brigade and what we offer is something quite unique to the stilting world. We’re your interactive stilt illusionist comedy characters (that was a mouthful)! Our very tall characters have been flown all over the world including Indonesia, Japan, Germany and more, and include comedy characters such as: Giant Guardsmen, Camel riders, A cod choir, British Bobbies, Bouncing Bunnies and many more to boot!

So, in a very small nutshell, that’s us! Please do feel free to call us on 01206 391632 if you would like any more information about the stuff we do; we’re always happy to chat.

Hopefully in a week or 2 though, there’ll be a shiny new website up here for you to have a look at.  

Until then…

The Lemmings Team