WHAT'S NEW? After returning from their Indian Adventure, performing 'King Kong' in the Smallest Theatre in the World, the lemmings homecoming has been celebrated on BBC 'Look East'.  The Tamil press described the show as 'Mesmerising' and you can see video of the results by clicking on the link below.  Work has also begun on the film of the Indian tour with 'HadEnoughMedia' and some of the footage was used by the BBC.

 Learn more at the Smallest Theatre in the World website


2015 ~ and now a busy summer lies ahead for the Lemmings.  We are looking forward to another full summer with 'The Smallest Theatre in the World' which is now sponsored by Royal Enfield to perform at the Goodwood Revival.  Their extraordinary 'camel safari' illusion will be visiting Indonesia for three weeks as well as appearances in Hamburg.  

Closer to home Mandy is directing an outdoor version of 'Alice in Wonderland' at the Ipswich Girls High School' and Dave has started work on the next Smallest Theatre in the World's production; a spine-chilling version of 'Jaws'.  The Lemmings are once again producing the Harwich School's Carnival which is a celebratory event for ten schools that includes music and dance performances to follow the parade.  In addition to all this, they are programming and running a new outdoor 'festival of the sea' in Clacton as well as a September event at the Martello Tower in Jaywick.

"I absolutely loved seeing the Grand Theatre of Lemmings performance.  The company are brilliant at engaging new audiences, unsuspecting passers-by, families, young and old.  They delight, entertain, perform their hearts out and bring a smile to the faces of everyone who encounters them."

Matt Lane, Head of Royal Opera House, Thames Gateway 2014.

ABOUT THE GRAND THEATRE OF LEMMINGS ~ For thirty years the lemmings have pioneered street arts taking productions as for a field as Japan and India as well as touring indoors for the UK Rural Arts Networks.  In recent years they expanded into Educational work as producers for Creative Partnerships conceiving and creating such wonderful projects as the original 'Garden of Curiousities'. They also produce and direct Harwich School's Carnival as well as a the hugely popular Manningtree Street Festival.  

These ventures into education and events have not dented their enthusiasm for touring and with the support of the Arts Council they have produced two multi-media touring shows.  In 2012 they we were co-directors of the Essex Olympic Project "Sparks Will Fly" working alongside Walk the Plank and they also produced a Anglo French version of their last outdoor show, the 'Illusionarium' for Atelier 231, Sotteville, France in February 2012.  In 2013 they took on the Smallest Theatre in the World and in 2014 it went on its first UK tour in over fifteen years.  In 2015 it toured in India!

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